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Providing Sound Legal Counsel For Over 30 Years

There have been enormous benefits to the USA from people migrating to this country. Many of our largest companies have been led by CEOs who are immigrants or the children of immigrants, e.g. Intel, Computer Associates, Coca Cola, Sears Roebuck, Ford Motor Company. Several of the most successful Internet companies, e.g. Yahoo, Google, eBay, etc., have been founded by immigrant entrepreneurs. Some of our largest industries, such as hotels, restaurants, and farming of fruits and vegetables, would be impossible today without large numbers of immigrant workers.

Because of the way the CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) operates, it has become a wise strategy for aliens who need the simplest permissions or documents from the CIS to retain an experienced immigration lawyer to handle the process. And for complex or difficult cases before the CIS, an experienced immigration lawyer is essential.

Frederic C. Hite knows that the immigration and visa process can be complex and confusing. With nearly three decades of experience, the Law Offices of Frederic C. Hite provides clients with the confidence that their case will be handled by an expert who understands their needs. We have a range of experience in immigration matters including:
  • Family-Based Petitions
  • Employment-Based Petitions
  • US Citizenship
  • Non-immigrant visas
Frederic C. Hite - Committed to professionalism, client care and successful results.

Mr. Hite speaks Russian and French.
Law Offices of Frederic C. Hite