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"We have been using Frederic Hite since 1998 to help us apply for several H1B, L1A and L1B visas for our employees. Additionally, Fred has helped one of our employees secure his permanent residency first and, subsequently, his citizenship. All applications have been successful. Fred's level of customer service is outstanding. He's very attentive, responsive and willing to go the extra mile to find the right solution even for the most difficult cases. I highly recommend him."

"I've worked with Frederic Hite for several years now and always found him to be professional and responsive with the various immigration needs of the employees that the companies I've worked for have sponsored."

"Our firm has been working with Mr. Hite on all of our H1 cases for the past 4 years. Mr. Hite has been extremely helpful with each and every case. He has walked me through the very confusing process multiple times and has never let anything slip through the cracks. All of our Visa's were obtained. Mr. Hite also is on top of all deadlines. He has tracked me down for cases that were close to expiration without me even inquiring about them. Mr. Hite has also always been readily available by phone and email for my many one off questions and has been through and efficient in our in-person meetings. He has so much experience that I never have any doubts when working with him. He's also down to earth, personable and a pleasure to work with."

"I would say that Attorney Hite is the most knowledgeable and most reputable immigration attorney in the Boston area. He helped me with a complex employment based immigration application and was successful. I would highly recommend him."

"I have known Atty. Hite since 1995 when he helped me and my husband obtain our greencards (permanent resident status) from H-1B visa status. A brilliant immigration lawyer, he helped us to obtain our greencards within a year after we submitted our application papers and the accompanying required documentation. A thorough and knowledgeable immigration legal specialist, he knew exactly what documentation we needed to provide him. He worked diligently with my then employer for additional supporting papers. Five years later, my husband and and I were naturalized as American citizens, and now with our secured jobs as a Senior Scientist and my husband as a School Teacher, we are blessed to have been given the opportunity to pursue the American dream. All of this was made possible through the conscientious, compassionate, and highly professional legal help of Atty. Hite. I strongly recommend Atty. Frederic Hite for all your personal and company immigration needs. He works very hard for his clients and he is a shining example of commitment to helping others."